Tuesday, August 02, 2005

War On Smokers

The war on terrorism has just rekindled after the consecutive bombings in London. Every nation is on high alert and busy finding ways to better their own country's security. After a couple of weeks on this terrorism issue, the interest seems to die down again ... And the next war is on smokers and it seems to be on a lot of countries' agenda.
A hell lot of brainy people is involve in determining where on earth you can and you can't smoke ... Why not just pull the plug and ban all tobacco import ? Due to the source of income from taxation the country is receiving ? ... I seriously for once can't figure why these authorities need to beat around the bush and not counter it by banning it once and for all ? If that is the case, no one can buy cigarettes thus no smokers ... simple as that , and I do not need to worry where I am able to have a fag and where not. It look so stupid that after you take out your fag and lighter, you need to think and recall is this place a prohibited area for smokers ... and when you light the freaking fag with your shivering hand , still unsure are you in the right area. If any damn asshole who walk pass you and give you a peculiar look when you are smoking, I can guarantee you that the first thing in your mind is : Am I really at the place that I am allow to smoke ? As we are heading towards globalisation, we human are supposedly having a bigger area to roam, yet we smokers are confined to even smaller area ...
Where are those freaking noisy Human Right NGOs now ? Aren't they fighting for the smoker's right ? Or is human right only applicable to certain people ? If this NGOs already always fighting for those nitty gritty minority, why not the smokers? They are even not consider minority if really do a head count !
Logically, I have already pay the right to smoke by paying through my nose for the fags, contributing to the country's wealth ... Where the fuck is my right ? Non smokers might argue that they too have their rights against our charitable 2nd hand smoke (C'mmon, I never charge you on these 2nd hand thingy ... where on earth you get anything 2nd hand which are using concurrently with the 1st hand user ?) ... but they also jolly well know that the price we pay , so walk away ! If we are looking to fairness, if there is any in this damn shitty world, allow smokers entertainment outlets and non smokers entertainment outlet, smokers pubs and non smokers pubs, smoking restaurants and non smoking restaurants ... etc and let everybody have a choice ( You will see non smoking clubs and pubs go bust ... and what this prove to you ? Those idiots on the top ... Aren't you bunch of people factual and needs proofs ?
If Singapore can ban chewing gum outright, I don't see the point why they can't ban tobacco and not creating so much restriction and regulations , wasting tax payers money (mostly from smokers too ...) and actually not solving anything the way they like. The more you suppress, the more restrictions you are creating, the younger untamed generation will only think that this is the greatest way to challenge the authority, and very much cool than any other stuffs , since not everyone can afford the high priced fags ... That is why the freaking LV brand is so freaking expensive and yet popular ( This example is personal ... just got slaughtered by a darling for her birthday present ...).
If these smoking restrictions are suddenly brought up in London or Europe after the London bombing, I can understand . They are so trigger happy over there that they are afraid that the law makers cannot differentiate someone lighting a cigarette and lighting explosives and thus is for the good of the safety of smokers in those places. This is applaudable as they the authorities know jolly well that those people under their wings are either half blind or blind, and admitted it bravely through actions.
Smokers that died of diesease through smoking will not blame anyone ... Only those non smokers that have a freaking discipline lifestyle yet find their normal life span is shorter, less fit and less healthy than that of the smokers due to several unforseen reasons will Kao Pei Kao Bu , blame father , mother , uncle , aunties ...
If you can guarantee me and proof to me that non smokers definitely live longer than smokers , I quit smoking immediately, not because I am afraid ... But I am too intelligent that I will not lose this bet.
Only smokers will die of cancer ? Heart attack ? High Blood ? Knock down by cars ? Plane crash ? Run over by train ? Drown ? Lightning strike ?
C'mmon, please be realistic, death treats every each and individual equally ... unlike you unreasonable authorities, if it is your time to be "enlisted" they don't really care whether you are smoker or not ( Just like the army, whether you are fit or unfit, fat or skinny, rich or poor (some reserves on this), long or short ... Letter arrive, you pack and go !)
Lastly, how often do we hear people saying about certain people who is so health conscious, so discipline, so smart, so nice ... and yet die from diseases or mishaps that are more likely aimed at smokers ? Answer this question truely and you will see my point that smokers are hard done and like it or not , the scape goats of those popular politics policies based on morales and to please certain people ...Voters ?
If one day I happen to die of smoking related diseases, I will admit graciously that I deserve it ... But if I am one of those that wholeheartedly devoted my life to a boring health conscious lifestyle and yet die like a damn smoker, I will definitely squeeze and melt my two ding dongs in my own hand , and die with my eyes wide open ... Sorry , I miss out that I will "Luan Gan"(Using all vulgarities available in the world , in languages I know) till my last breathe.
I rest my case here ... But my sympathy will definitely goes to all smokers in Singapore and affected countries, also my curse to those that decided on such unfair policies.
Do you think I wrote this because I am badly affected ? Not at the moment ... I am still having cigarettes reasonably priced and ample pubs and clubs that I can smoke in ...
Hope these waves of unreasonable policies will not sweep over here too soon ... I sincerely hope.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

What a day ...

It started to rain around 2 pm local time over here. I was anticipating that this should be one of those unforgiving thunderstorm, and indeed I was right.
While it was raining heavily outside , with roaring thunders and non-stop lightnings ... another character of mine surfaced. It is the very sentimental and romantic me ... chatting with a girl friend of mine , who was in Ningbo China for business . Coincidentally, it was also raining over there ... And this me was charming her , saying about how romantic it seems where we are miles apart and yet can share the raining scene , bla bla bla . I do not remember since when I have such love and singing praises over a stormy weather.
Finally, the rain stop after 3 hours ... and guess what ? Once the rain stops, I was woken from this dreamy feeling and back to reality and found that my freaking bed room's windows are opened !!! I have took the initiative to open it to air the freaking room !!!
Freaking hell ... my room is totally washed !
(Now busy searching data bank whose room is nice )...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Mistake ...

I have to apologise to whoever that read my previous post, follow the instruction given and yet find nothing related to the topic ... I got messed up with the commands.
Anyway, I have to explain what causes this rare little mistake in my life ( I am not arrogant ! My normal mistake is always very "Tua Kee" one ... either a place got busted or someone got killed ! ... I hope nobody got killed for that mistake in my previous post ... If you got frustrated and jump down from your HDB , being misleaded by me, then this is my normal mistake!).
The reason behind this mistake is because I feel tired , hungry and sleepy. So , I intended to rush the entry and go for my shower, have my supper and sleep. Recently I am forbidden to do these 3 things at home, so I need to rush to someone else's place to complete all these tasks.
Remember this ... a home is no longer a place for you to take a nice shower, have a nice supper and definitely not a place for rest and sleep (Err..rest ... home probably still the best place). The new definition of home or house is that you are suppose to stay out of it every night !
Today is the day ... Everything is back to normal. The 10 days adventure tour is completed and now I feel alittle sense of emptiness ... nobody to hug to sleep, no excercise before sleep ( So unhealthy...) , Sigh~ , Already knew that I will lose out in the whole damn encounter ...
It's mourning time ! Don't get me wrong again, I am not mourning about the "tour", I am mourning for the lives of my billions of fighters that commited themselves and got swallowed by the Black Hole forever... Sobz Sobz ... ( Think on the brighter note , I am so charitable that I should be nominated to head NKF ... Atleast I am generous to donate millions at a time to the needy, without flying first class ... only Taxi).
Sigh~ My heart still aches ... In order to stop this pain , what is a better cure than to hunt again immediately ? It is a cycle of sin ... But anything sinful is enjoyable !!!
Tomorrow, go date her other friends ( I "target" one of them 3 days back) ...hee hee hee ! Warriors On The War Path !!! 1,2 ...1,2...1,2 Chiong Ar !!!
That's Life ~

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Microsoft Word

Most of us have been using Microsoft Word. Lately I was told that this program was actually written by a Chinese, or atleast a Chinese has actually contributed quite alot in the initial program. Since nothing is being mentioned by Microsoft or Mr. Gates of his contribution, our dear friend credited himself in a very best way in this program ...
If you guys do not believe in what I say , simply try it out yourself ...
1) Open Microsoft Word
2) On The 1st Line, Type =rand(50,50) & "enter"
See For Yourself, Dude !

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I Sense Trouble ...

Have not been online the past few days ... I mean really wasting time surfing around , other than merely checking my mails. Reason behind is ... something happened !!! And happening fast and furious ... resulted in me not home for a few days. Nope, I wasn't travelling ...but staying over a hot babe's place.
I actually met this babe who insisted that I am a gay in a pub not long ago ... This perception was due to the fact that she had seen me a few times there , but only with guys. The fateful friday afternoon, while I was alone enjoying my coffee and smoking away my life in a cafe ... she happens to be there ... alone too. She told me she had just finished her shoot in a studio nearby and was roaming aimlessly. Since both of us are so freaking free, we decided to go for a show - Batman begins ... And regretably, I have not read the omen ... and my home away story begins from there too.
After the show, we went for dinner and follow by some pub hoppings. We finished the day around 3a.m. and I sent her home (Or myself to her home ?!). She insisted that I stay overnite at her place ... Initially I resisted, due to the fact that I did not prepare myself to stay out. So, she did a shopping spree at a 711 near her place ... And I find no excuses but duly obliged.
We woked up around 2pm the next day. Before I can propose that I should go home, she recommended that we go shopping. I duly obliged again... She got me some shirts but I insisted that I pay for it, except the briefs ( 'cos I really don't know when she got it). Went for dinner... Catch Fantastic 4 ... Back home (Again , not my home).
Wake up early on Sunday, went for Tim Sum for breakfast (seems quite long I have not been having breakfast ...) , Supermarket , Back home (again, still not my home ...). Lunch at home . After lunch, zzz again. Went out again around 8pm. Dinner , pubs and home (again, is still not the home I am familiar with). Finally, the normally hated Monday seems so lovely ... I was released !!! 11 a.m. ... I told her that I have to be back in my office, if not the whole freaking world will be hunting for me and surprisingly, she duly obliged.
Even though I might sound very unwilling , sort of being force in this blog ... it is actually not so much the case . The worrying part is that I am afraid that I might fall for her helplessly and this is big trouble !!! Anyway, wasn't it fun that the predator who normally hunts is now hunted ...
Let's see who is on the upper hand . Let's see who will be the ultimate winner ...
Losing is fatal ... The stake is your heart and soul ~
It is long since I have meet a matching opponent like this babe ... I will definitely enjoy this duel !

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A rare picture ... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005

Why Singaporean Seldom Blog Or Discuss About Politics ...

Recently there are people commenting about Singapore bloggers ... About the sort of things they normally blog about are all without much depth and intelligence . Some even criticised that no political issues are being blog about ...
Apparently, this is not the first time such naive questions and criticisms about Singaporean are being talked about or written by numerous foreigners , especially by those around the region.
I, myself was often asked by people abroad too ... but is more on "to understand and to know" type of mentality, rather than those with hostile intentions, which you can easily pick up from Message Boards ,some forums and nowadays, they are so free that they even explore the blog world. My views and explanations are plain simple ...

Frankly speaking, I do not like the system and the government. I did complained about alot of issues and policies too ... But I did not take it too seriously or make it public or try to go against it. It is not because that I ( or any of my dear Singaporens ) do not dare to voice it out loud, rather that we are highly educated and intelligent to know that most things in life, like it or not, do not neccessary be wrong just because some idiot (myself included) don't like it. Therefore I definitely will not be that ass-hole to go against any damn policies which is an eye sore to probably myself or a minority of people, but good for the majority...
Nothing is perfect ! Singapore's government never is and never will be ... But honestly speaking, the government should still be appreciated since there are atleast more right than wrong policies till date. Therefore it is impossible for Singaporeans to blog about politics daily, where they will find difficulties in having enough controversies to fill the blog... In the end most bloggers will force to brag about daily issues and selectively some political issues ( which you definitely have to get your facts right, if not the government will definitely bark at you :( ... anyway, it is still fair to a certain extent , if you do not like rumours flying around in your country which in the end dare not trust any piece of news , this control is inevitable.)
If you ask me why we are not fond of walking down the street, holding pla cards shouting slogan , protesting ... my views are as follows :

Ask : Why you guys do not walk on the street and protest ?
ANS : Firstly, there was never really issues or policies that are so unreasonable that need us to sweat it out under the hot sun ... My dear friend, we are living along the equator ! Secondly, we are all tired out by walking up and down Orchard Road "N" times , especially during the Annual Singapore Sales. Thirdly, the company I am working with is never free and I doubt my leave will be approved. Anyway, I prefer to save it to go for my annual excursions and holidays with my love ones.

Last but not least, Singapore bloggers are just blogging about their own day-to-day life. Those minor issues in their blogs are actually incidents and issues in their everyday life, nothing wrong about it.
If your country is so damn instable, full of crooks, full of violence and corruptions, ill treaments etc... and you are suffering so much , understandably, your blog will be full of such elements, like protest, questioning your governments, riots ( Full of actions, blood and tears ...). Example, today your sister on the way to school was rape, brother was shot, father beaten by corrupted policeman ...etc, I believe your blog will be written in great depth as what you like to see , but will never be from people in Singapore, unless is a fiction writer.
No thanks to have all these in my country just to write a politically driven blog.

P/S : I seldom write such post ... The reason is I am pissed because I can't sleep due to I over ate during dinner ... Anyway, such post are craps ~